My Get Started Guideline of Home Desktop PC (Windows)

Whenever a brand-new operating system (Windows) is installed, previous software were purged entirely from the system drive. These listed below are the administrator’s all required, must-have software to install to.

  • Microsoft Office, is a must to access office-related files
  • WinRAR, manage compressed files
  • AnyDesk, access computer anywhere
  • Avast or default Microsoft Windows Pro antivirus protection, free antivirus – excluded Download folder right after the installation
  • No-IP DUC, access server everywhere; dynamic dns
  • XAMPP, serve as http & mysql server
  • BWMeter, monitor bandwidth all the time
  • SumatraPDF, lightweight pdf reader

Running Django on Ubuntu

This page serves as a quick guide to run Django on Ubuntu. The result may vary depending on the system. It only covers basic installation. Django tutorial, on the other hand, is out of the scope. It may be referenced elsewhere.

Configuring Ubuntu Server

After successfully provisioning my server into a stable version, I have got problems aligning the conceptual purpose of my server. What I really need is merging two different sources of disk by implementing disk mounting preferably virtual. I chose to have that because of I have google drive storage that offers perfect performance in terms of bandwidth and scalability.