The Magnificent Lampung

Gajah Lampung Way KambasIn early November 2014, I was assigned to do some tasks in Lampung for several days. The view I saw on the plane was incredibly awesome. I forgot to bring my DSLR camera, so I surreptisiously took a photograph using my cellphone. The view was amazing since this was my first time seeing the sun set over the horizon above Sunda strait. To get this photo, simply take Garuda Indonesia from Jakarta to Lampung at the evening around 5:00 pm and make sure you did not fly on rush day as you may get uncertain flight schedule. Continue reading

Mengenal PHP Session

Saat seorang client hendak berpindah dari satu halaman ke halaman lain, bagaimana server dapat mengenal client tersebut? Setidaknya ada dua kemungkinan, pertama adalah menggunakan cookies sedangkan kedua menggunakan session. Perbedaan utama dari keduanya adalah: cookies disimpan pada komputer client, dalam hal ini browser, sedangkan session disimpan pada server. Penjelasan lengkap mengenai cookies dan session telah tersedia sangat luas.

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