My area of interests are programming (mostly Python, C++, PHP), analyzing trading strategy, mechanical, electronics diy, and photography as well.

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    • Hi Jean,

      Please check your inbox, I’ve sent the link to the chart I’ve made for you.
      If you had anything to else ask or discuss, please don’t bother.

      Regards, Wahyu Reza

  1. Hello Wahyu Reza Prahara!
    please help me! I installed Cygwin but I still haven’t installed GCC and libxml2 librarys. So How can i add them?
    Thank you very much!
    Thanh Thanh

  2. Hi Wayhu,
    I need your help, I am working on school project, Projects Documents Management System. It will be an honour and privilege to receive guidance from you. I am new to programming, especially PHP, but I hav a good background in html and css.

    Pls contact me and lets talk

    Thank you